Static tests

The laboratory conducts tests until failure on structures of all sizes with loads up to 500,000 N.
The structure can be instrumented with stress gauges, displacement sensors or force transducers.

Example: static deformation under load of refrigerated trailers, breakage under maximum torque of transmission shafts of military vehicles, crash simulation on a bodywork component...



Endurance tests

The laboratory carries out endurance tests on structures that can be instrumented in stress, force or displacement.
Up to 6 actuators can be combined on the same structure.

Example: endurance of automobile rims, endurance of automobile bodies with loads on wheels, fatigue endurance on fuselage elements...

Rolling tests - pitch - yaw

Swell movements can cause significant damage to a ship's equipment.
The laboratory has a bench composed of several hydraulic actuators controlled simultaneously to reproduce these movements.



Robot Tests

The Group is equipped with 2 STAUBLI robots tofor operationnal endurance testing.
These robots can work in temperature either from the outside of a climatic enclosure or by being placed in a 93m3 climatic enclosure.

Some examples: opening/closing hoods and doors, operational endurance of all components on instrument panels, engine displacement tests on pipework, functional testing (keypad, battery insert, SIM card insert, charger insert etc.) for mobile telephones, usage endurance of hand pumps etc. 

Our professions and skills

659Testing laboratory
660Engineering and expertise
663Design of test benches
664Design of test tools
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