Many economic sectors are affected by our activities


The Emitech Group’s activities focus on environmental testing in relation to equipment. In every economic sector, requirements must be met whenever these products are marketed, or when an instructing party asks a supplier for a product qualification.

The Emitech Group has solutions to all your needs.

Informations réglementaires

The knowledge of regulatory information and their evolution allows you to anticipate

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Salle de formation pour sessions de stages

Our training courses are aimed at all those involved in the design, manufacture or marketing of products and who have to comply with applicable regulations or qualification requirements.

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Cage SAC Vendargues

The Emitech Group focuses its activities on environmental testing applicable to equipment.

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Etudes et ingénieries

Our expertise in tests, our experience feedback around test campaigns, allowed us to define studies and relevant engineering to accompany your passage in laboratory 

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Réalisation Département Innovation et Application d'Environne'Tech - Banc de sable et poussière

Our knowledge of tests and their implementation is reflected in the design of tailor-made tooling and test bench solutions.

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Maintenance préventive et curative des vibrateurs

We offer you the corrective and preventive maintenance of your vibration test equipment (electrodynamic and hydraulic) and the test benches carried out by us.

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Métrologie et étalonnage

Our metrology and calibration services cover the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and mechanical and climatic environments.

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Ondes et santé

Electromagnetic fields raise questions and concerns about their impact on health.

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Emitech is recognized as a Sigfox Partner



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The whole concept of telecoms products has been changing over the past few years. Products are becoming interconnected and the rapid development of the Internet of Things heralds a major trend: connected devices accompanied by the increased use of wireless communications.

The procedures to be followed for the approval of equipment possessing communication functions – especially RF –

We enable you to anticipate the requirements and secure your lead times for placing on the market.

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We offer you the tests you need to achieve your regulatory, industrial or internal quality objectives.

In Europe, the CE marking sets the minimum context for the requirements that all equipment to be marketed must meet: electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)radioEMF (electromagnetic waves & health) and safety.

For other countries in the world, the nature of the requirements to be met, the associated requirements and approval procedures are different.

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European and worldwide marketing of your medical devices (MD - Regulation EU 2017/745)

In the medical sector, our services are intended for manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical devices (MD), laboratory equipment and paramedical equipment.

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The Emitech Group supports companies that market equipment for industrialists (machine tools, handling equipment, dosing systems, electrical cabinets, etc.) by offering its services related to CE marking and worlwide markets.

Its know-how is useful for the good functioning of its laboratories and also offered to companies with such in-house skills (metrology, maintenance, bench and tool design).

Our specific skills in EMC allow us to intervene on site for testing of installations or to assess disturbed sites.

By extension, we intervene within the framework of the directive 2013/35/EU (RF exposure of workers - Waves and Health)

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Certification and qualification in the railway sector

The Emitech Group has the necessary technical resources, recognition and experience to meet the expectations of the railway industry for rolling stock, infrastructure, equipment and subsystems.


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SEPTEN programs including nuclear power plant construction sites, operations linked to EDF's large refit, the EPR project or ITER program, etc., the Emitech Group offers its expertise in environmental testing to offer a range of services dedicated to players in the nuclear industry.

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The Emitech Group possesses the technical resources, recognition and experience necessary to meet the expectations of maritime players for ships, infrastructures, equipments and subsystems.

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