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Our mechanical shock expertise

  • Realization of classic shocks (half-sinus, saw tooth,...)
  • Simulation of pyrotechnic shocks and shock response spectra
  • Accelerometric measurements on the material can be carried out
  • Ability to create "à la carte" shocks with different durations and amplitude ranges


Falling packages

During handling, the most significant mechanical damage is caused by packaging.

Carrying out tests of different heights.
Accelerometric measurement acquisition system.

Our equipments

  • Shock unit MTS 36*36
    • Table Dimensions 0.9m x 0.9m
    • Semi- sinusoidal waveforms
    • Amplitude: 5 to 100g
    • Shock duration 1 ms to 80 ms
    • LMS, M+P acquisition chain
    • Max load capacity 900 kg


  • Vibrators can also be used to generate different shock profiles:1/2 sinus shocks, sawtooth peak, trapezoid, shock response spectrum... The maximum available force is 305,000 N.



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