Founded in 1989, Emitech rapidly grew around its original location in Montigny le Bretonneux (South of Paris) then by opening centers in the region (in the west and south of France in 1995) followed by the center of Versaille-Satory (in 1999) and then continuing to grow through external growth operations (with the exception of Emitech Toulouse opened in 2015).

Historical players in environmental laboratories have joined the Emitech Group: Eurocem (2000), E-labs (2003), CETRAM* (2007), AEMC Mesures* (2007), Adetests (2010), Gyl Technologies* (2010), Environne' Tech (2011), Dirac (2015), PIEME (2016) and LEFAE (2017).

(* these companies have been working with Emitech)

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