Emitech Group specializes in environmental testing


Emitech and its subsidiaries specialize in tests that characterize the environment in which equipment is used.

The safety of users (of their goods and pets), optimized frequency management, electromagnetic compatibility, physical constraints (vibrations, shocks, shaking, etc.), climatic (thermal, corrosion, IP, etc.), hydraulic and acoustic requirements are all factors that determine the environment of an equipment.

Our teams master the standardized context in which these tests are required. Our various direct businesses (testing of products and installations, services for industrials and services for private individuals) are the result, as are our related businesses such as training, engineering and expertise.








Essais de sécurité des équipements électriques

The main objective of equipment safety is to protect the user from mechanical, electrical and fire hazards.  

Spectre Radiofréquence

Radio requirements are intended to verify the interoperability of transmitters/receivers, radio spectrum management and the protection of persons (waves and health).

Antenne CEM

Emission, immunity, compatibility, ..., electromagnetism is one of the environmental factors of our electronic products

Vibrateur - essais de vibrations

Vibrations, shocks... are stresses that equipments may be able to encounter.

Environnement climatique et physico-chimique

Humidity, cold, heat, sun, liquids of all kinds... just some of the environmental constraints which your equipment is liable to face.

Essais vibratoires et hydrauliques

Synthetic oil, coolant, fuel, skydrol, air, water... fluids are used in many equipment.

Essais de tenue au feu

Critical in aeronautics, marine and more generally in transport, fire and flammability tests (flammability, smoke opacity, heating and similar) are also the subject of requirements when marketing new products.

Essai Acoustique

The consideration of acoustics is becoming more widespread both from a regulatory and marketing point of view

Enceinte HALT et HASS

Halt, Hass, stress screening,... HALT & HASS reduce time to market with mature products.



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