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Notre laboratoire est accrédité Cofrac (Accréditation Cofrac n°1-1245, attestation et portée disponible sur - accès direct au document)

Nos métiers et compétences

Combining technical competence, exceptional instrumentation, mastery of standards and procedures, our laboratories guarantee the proper conduct of test campaigns and their reproducibility.

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You benefit from our know-how of testing and associated standards, our experience feedback on test campaigns and our mastery in project management.

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Our training courses are aimed at all those involved in the design, manufacture or marketing of products and who have to comply with applicable regulations or qualification requirements.

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Our knowledge of tests and their implementation is reflected in the design of tailor-made tooling and test bench solutions.

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The Emitech Group has an Engineering Department (Emitech, based at Montigny near Paris) and an Innovation & Applications Department (based at Environne'Tech) dedicated to developing testing tools for the group's internal use and on behalf of clients who are keen to equip themselves with technology that integrates the experience and expertise of a respected test centre. This expertise is focused primarily on mechanical environments and climatic conditions.

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We offer you the corrective and preventive maintenance of your vibration test equipment (electrodynamic and hydraulic) and the test benches carried out by us.

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Our metrology and calibration services cover the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and mechanical and climatic environments.

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38300 Bourgoin Jallieu

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