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Complementary jobs and activities North America: USA & Canada

USA - Canada, federal and local requirements


As in Europe, the placing on the North-American market of electrical and electronic products required the safety for the users and their property. They should also respect criteria linked to the frequency spectrum management.


As for the CE marking, our SERCE laboratories (electrical safety, radio and electromagnetic compatibility) group your contact for the coordination and the carrying out of test campaign. Our Training and Engineering department completes our offer for missions before the test campaign.


Our departments will bring you a global action plan for your commercialization on other markets.







Frequency spectrum management - A federal approach



EMC and radio requirements applicable to the North-American market are mainly managed in a federal view of the frequency spectrum.


The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) for United States and Industry Canada for Canada have defined the rules and proceeding to avoid disturbances generated by electronic equipment which can cause damages for the frequency spectrum.

This management concerns from one part all the States of the USA and from another part all provinces of the Canada. In the two cases the frequency spectrum management is federal.


Except for product with specific uses (as example medical), only the emission will be covered by this two countries regulation (a medical device sold in United States, is out of the FCC skills and depends on the FDA which also set immunity requirements).



Depending on the nature of the equipment market, several proceedings are applicable from which some may require specific recognition.


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Safety of people and of their property - NRTL mark


In opposition to the CE marking for Europe, the north-american market doesn't have unique label to attest the compliance of a product with its applicable regulation in terms of safety.


A certification mark may be mandatory or simply recommended depending on the nature of the product and on the place of its marketing.


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