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A global approach for your qualifications


If vehicles and their sub-parts are well subjected to regulatory tests (see e marking), the word qualification is more appropriate for test campaign in the frame of specifications requested by an ordering party to its supplier.




In this situation the definition of the test programm and the result interpretation is done following a contract and not in a regulation frame. Emitech intervene as:

  • third party to guarantee the independance of the test campaigns.
  • expert in the field of environmental test to clarify or precise the requirements, the tests and the results interpretation
  • lab with complementary activities allowing the coordination and carrying out of the essential or entire required tests



The main Emitech labs which intervene for qualifications are Cofrac accredited (See accredited centres and range on www.cofrac.fr)







Advice - Reactivity - Availability


From our first contact, we offer you solution adapted to automotive qualification and to your situation :

  • test campaigns entirely realised in our closer location and in a partnership with other Emitech Group locations
  • assessment tests to detect and solve possible non conformity
  • engineering and/or technical file study
  • advice and assistance before the tests
  • ...


A unique contact is at your disposal during your whole project to enjoy the entire skills and services of all our labs.



Within Emitech, two departments group our skills to offer you a customised solution for your qualifications :

  • Our QAMAS department (french acronyme for automotive,military, aeronautics or space qualifications) groups our labs which can check that your equipments comply with their functional criteria in 4 field :
    • electromagnetic (and electrical phenomenon),
    • thermal or climatic (resistance to heat, cold, humidity, fast temperature changes,...),
    • mechanical (vibrations, shocks, accelerations, ...)
    • general environment (sand, dust, fungus, solar ray, salt spray, ...)


  • Our Training and Engineering department completes our solutions with interventions before the tests.











Our advantages


Labs with complementary activities


We offer you a global service for your EMC, electrical tests, climatic, mechanical, reliability and acoustics qualification campaign.


Means implemented allow to carry out the most demanding manufacturer specifications.




A follow-up at each steps of your project.


If qualification requirements are not integrated at the beginning of the test campaign the cost may be highly increased and it could have consequences on the deadline.

Our advice and engineering services are offered at each step of your project : from the training of your team to the study and writting of specific documents.

The follow-up in previous stage of our services is a security for your qualification.




Unique means and close services


Our test means are split on all our locations and constitute the most important tests capacity of the market.

Our entire instrumentation dedicated to most specific requirements (strength field, electrical tests, EMC rooms and acoustics big sized rooms,...) are like anything in Europe.











Standards and specifications


ISO 11451

ISO 11452

ISO 7637

ISO 10605


Directives 2004/104/EC,
95/54/EC, 97/24/EC






General Motors







*Non exhaustive list, please contact us for more infos

Combined tests





System chamber











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